Sunday, December 6, 2020

IP Volunteer Opportunity - Pleasantville Cottage School

 Hi Everyone, 

Angela Usobiaga has a volunteer opportunity for us - to help a group of kids who won't be with their families on Christmas. Many of you helped with this activity last year and we hope you'll join in again.

Thanks in advance. Now, here;s the request from Angela.


Name of Agency:  Pleasantville Cottage School Campus of JCCA


Location: 1075 Broadway, Pleasantville, NY


About the Agency:  The Pleasantville Cottage School Campus offers 4 different residential programs to over 300 troubled and often traumatized children and youth in a highly supervised and protected environment. Most of them have been abused and/or neglected. They find safety and structure while they work to resolve their difficulties and return to their communities as soon as possible. With the support of a caring and professional staff, children attend school on campus, receive counseling, and participate in therapeutic arts, recreation, and job internships.


Agency website FYI:


Help needed (Group or Individual):  Individual


Timeframe(s):  Order by Dec. 12 (Elf Day is Dec. 16)


Type of help needed:  “ELF Gifts” for children who do not go home for the holidays.


For a variety of reasons, a large portion of the children and youth on the campus cannot spend holidays with family members and have to remain on campus.  The staff have compiled a list of wished-for items from each student who cannot go home so that they can receive at least one special and personal holiday gift.


Because of campus covid restrictions and to assure each child is covered, it is requested that gifts be purchased directly on-line at the website below. If needed, it includes color and size in order to avoid guessing. The Deliver To address automatically includes the school as an option.  It’s easy, safe and convenient!


Registration Link for Activity:

When checking out, select Deliver to SANDI ROSENTHAL

If you don’t have Amazon Prime, $49 spent qualifies for Free Shipping


Agency Contact information for additional questions:

Name:  Sandi Rosenthal, Director of Volunteers

Phone: (914) 741-4569



If you have any recommendations regarding Community Service Projects that may be of interest to Indivisible Pleasantville members, please send them to my attention.


Angela Usobiaga


Facebook: Private Message to Angela Usobiaga