Monday, December 14, 2020

IP Dec Meeting Update

 Hi, Everyone,

Yesterday's IP meeting introduced changes to our Indivisible chapter as we're about to end the era of Trump and the birth of Indivisible and enter what hopefully will be a kinder, gentler era of Biden/Harris.

Meg made an announcement and you should read it in her own words:

At today's meeting we announced the end of Indivisible Pleasantville and the birth of "Indivisible Mount Pleasant".
I will be leaving my leadership role with the organization. While I do not believe that the fight for progressive values ends with the end of the Trump era I am happy to pass the leadership on to a new group of Mount Pleasantvillians! I'm sure the new steering committee will be reaching out to introduce themselves in the days to come.
I honor all the work done by the members of Indivisible Pleasantville, with a special nod to for her tireless work organizing our service projects. I also thank Sarah Smith and Claire Schiffman for always tolerating our presence in their homes.
If I start to thank everyone who made a difference these last four years it will take me all night - so thanks instead to all of you here and I look forward to seeing the great work that comes out of this new era of dedicated citizens working for change.
- Margaret Ables

We are sorry to see Meg go - we thank her for all the work she has done these 4 years and wish her all the best for the new adventures she is pursuing.

Now where do we go from here? If you didn't catch it above, Indivisible Pleasantville (IP) is now Indivisible Mt. Pleasant (IMP) - so we're now all imps. This change will make our Indivisible chapter more inclusive by recognizing members from the hamlets.

For the time being IMP will be guided by a 4-member steering committee.:
Angela Usobiaga has agreed to take on the Service Project Coordinator position from Justine Fontinell;
Vickie Neilson will be our Facebook Moderator as that becomes more active;
Claire Schiffman will be our Utility Outfielder for the oddball things that arise;
I will continue as Communications Director.

In the coming days we'll be sending out a survey to determine your level of interest in IMP and to identify how we can best work together to further progressive goals.

Since November 7 when Biden/Harris were announced the winners we've been able to breathe easier. This truly has been a trying 4 years, but this isn't the time to walk away. We can only guess at the mess, the dysfunction, the destruction, President Biden and VP Harris are going to confront on January 20. Remember, Congress hasn't passed a Covid relief bill that would help our neighbors and is balking at even considering relief for states like NY. We have a lot to do in 2021 and we hope you'll stay engaged and work with us to move forward.

Stay safe and please wear your mask,