Monday, December 28, 2020

IMP 2021 Planning Survey


Happy Holidays, Everyone,

As we wind down 2020 we are beginning the new iteration of IP, now Indivisible Mount Pleasant, and we’d like to find out from you how you would like to continue.

Indivisible Mount Pleasant has 4 goals:

-- to support progressive candidates for our local, state, and federal government;

-- to encourage communication with elected officials to share opinions and concerns about issues of importance to our community;

-- to provide a safe space to discuss issues of concern to our community (our Facebook group);

-- to participate in service projects to assist those in our community who need our help.

To meet these goals we rely on member participation and regular communication.

Please keep in mind that Indivisible chapters are grassroots organizations. They depend on individual members who will identify projects within the goals of the chapter and take leadership to organize those projects with the support of the Steering Committee. These can be small, short duration projects such as getting people to a rally or organizing a letter-writing effort about a local issue or hosting a postcard party for a candidate. These small efforts are like snowflakes – accumulate enough of them and you have an avalanche.

We ask each of you to take 10 minutes to answer the following questions in 5 key areas. Your responses will help us plan the coming year of activities.

If you are viewing this on our website, please copy and paste it into an email to with the subject line: IMP Survey.

This is being sent out on December 28; please return it by January 2.

Thanks in advance,




Indivisible Mount Pleasant 2021 Planning Survey


IMP 2021 Survey: Communications

1.IP has communicated on 3 platforms: Facebook, email, IP website. Please tell us how often you use each of the platforms: frequently, occasionally, rarely, never.

2. Are there other social media platforms you would like for us to add in the future?  Which ones?

3. During the Covid epidemic we’ve had member meetings through Zoom and we expect this to continue for the next 6 months or so. Are you interested in attending IMP Zoom meetings? If you can’t attend a meeting would you watch a recorded video of it?

4. We have been meeting on Sundays at 3 pm. If this doesn’t work for you, what day of the week and time (afternoon or early evening) is best for you to attend IMP meetings?

5. In January the IP website is going down. Should we set-up an IMP website?

6. Have you found our mailings useful? Would you like to continue on our mailing list?


IMP 2021 Survey: Service Projects 

7.What types of service projects would you like to participate in?

8. Which local organizations would you like us to partner with for service projects?


IMP 2021 Survey: Issues  

When IP was first formed, we paid a lot of attention to issues. We had committees for health, education, immigration, the arts, etc. Over the years we have given issues less attention, focusing more on electing candidates; we hope to change that in the upcoming months.

9. What issues of local significance interest you most?

10. Would you be willing to take on an issue and keep IMP members informed about it? Which issue?


IMP 2021 Survey: Campaigns

This year our elections are for town and county offices; progressive candidates will need our support. These are the activities we’ve been participating in:

a. attending a “question and answer” session with candidates at an IMP meeting

b. carrying petitions to get candidates on the ballot

c. phonebanks

d. postcard writing

e. knocking on doors to distribute literature

f. attending a candidate “meet and greet”


11.Which of these activities did you participate in during the 2020 elections?

12.Which do you think you’ll participate in for the 2021 elections, the pandemic permitting?


IMP 2021 Survey: Membership

13.  Are you able to spend an hour a month leading or helping with IMP projects?

14.  Are there projects you would like to spearhead? Please describe them.


Thank you for participating in the survey.  Your responses are appreciated and will help Indivisible Mount Pleasant plan for the future.