Friday, October 25, 2019

Early Voting Begins!

Friday, October 25.

Tomorrow Early Voting begins!

A quick reminder: Francesca, Laura and Liz still need your help. They will be canvassing on Sunday (Oct. 27) in Sleepy Hollow. Check in at the Senior Center at 55 Elm in Sleepy Hollow, 10 am - 2 pm to lend a hand.

Below are the Democratic Slate and the location and times for Early Voting. Please note that in the previous slate I sent, I forgot to include State Supreme Court Justices and the Family Court Justices. They have been added for your review.

Please consider voting early. This is a brand new option and there will probably be some bugs. Good attendance will help bring them to light so they can be fixed before our big election next year.

See you at the polls.


Democratic Slate for 2019

Please note that sources of information about the candidates are in parentheses; FB refers to Facebook for those of you who don’t have an account. These sources are primarily candidate-generated so we encourage you to do a web search for additional information
State Supreme Court Justice (vote for 4)

            Nancy Quinn Koba, Esq  (FB: Judge Nancy Koba; website

                Steven Milligram, Esq (FB: Judge Steven Milligram; website

                Lewis J Lubell, Esq (FB: Lewis J. Lubell; website

                Gina C Capone, Esq (FB: Judge Gina Capone; website

County Court Judges (vote for 2):

                Melissa Loehr, Esq (FB: Judge Melissa Loehr for County Court)

                Robert Prisco, Esq (FB: Robert Prisco Campaign; website: Robert Prisco for County Court Judge

Family Court Judge (vote for 2)

Mary Anne Scattaretico-Naber, Esq (FB: Mary Anne Naber; web bio:

Wayne Humphrey, Esq

Town Board (vote for 2):

                Francesca Hagadus-McHale (FB: Francesca Hagadus Democrat for Mount Pleasant Town Board; Interview with Indivisible Pleasantville

                Laura Divenere (Interview with Indivisible Pleasantville

Town Justice:

                Elizabeth Smith, Esq (FB: Friends of Elizabeth Smith; website: Elizabeth Smith, Esq. for Mount Pleasant Town Justice; Interview with Indivisible Pleasantville


We don’t have the exact wording, but it’s essentially: should the Superintendent of Highways be an appointed position? (it is now an elected position; other town department heads are appointed)

Early Voting:
Location:              Community Center
                                125 Lozza Drive
                                Valhalla, NY

Dates:                   Saturday, October 26 through Sunday, November 3

Times:                   Saturday and Sunday:   12 pm – 5 pm    
                              Monday, Wednesday, Friday:   8 am – 4 pm
                              Tuesday and Thursday:   12 pm – 8 pm