Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Indivisible Pleasantville Media Survey Findings

A big Thank You! to all of you who responded to our survey.

About 10% of our mailing list responded so we have a clearer understanding of how you are interacting with the three platforms Indivisible Pleasantville uses.
Here are the Results.

1. Which of the IP platforms do you prefer to use: website, email, Facebook? Please rank order them, 1 – 3.

Top Choice
1st or 2nd Choice

NOTE: It has been a while since the website has been active. We hope to change that to make it more useful to you.

2. What types of information on these platforms is most useful to you?

This question got a 100% response that fell into these categories in no specific order:

Meeting dates and times
Service opportunities
Candidate and issue information
Political action opportunities

All responses are listed at the end of this report.

3. What additional types of information would you like to see included?

This question got a 60% response that centered on these areas:

More information about candidates and issues as they appear on the ballot
More information about county and national Indivisible activities and issue positions
More information about meetings and events of local activist groups
More information on how to get involved

All responses are listed at the end of this report.

4. What else do you like or dislike or want to see?

This question got responses from about 40% of the respondents:

I like the friendly, hopeful tone. We are all busy and cannot do everything we'd like to do. No guilt
I like to see lists of possible "one time" volunteer needs.

Don’t like Sunday afternoon as standard meeting day and time. Prefer weekday evening 
 I dislike posting about news articles. We all read the news on our own.
Monthly Events calendar of all Indivisible events (town and county).
Be brief

NOTE:  “News” came up in questions 3 and 4. Members frequently post articles of interest on our Facebook page, but this is selective. For those of you who want more information on local issues and what our elected officials are doing, check out the Facebook page Progressives of Mt. Pleasantville. While not exhaustive, it is a good place to start.

We don’t keep any information on members other than name and email address, but a little bit more would be useful.

5. Gender


NOTE: No surprises here.

6. Age group: Just Getting Started (<30), Parenting (30-59), Thinking of Retirement or Retired! (60+)

Age Group
  No response

NOTE: To date, IP has looked at broad issues: immigration, health, issues of special interest to members in general. These age groupings represent different life stages, each of which is more or less affected by policies. For example, student debt and housing are especially critical for the under 30s, while Social Security and Medicare are central to the well-being of many retirees and those thinking of retirement. As we go forward these distinctions may become more important and help us engage more members.

7. Town of Residence (since we know not everyone lives in Pleasantville)

  The Hamlets
  No response

NOTE: What happened to the Hamlets?
Question #2 Responses
Updates and meeting info
What is happening locally, where is help needed
Events and reminders
details on upcoming meetings & events sponsored by Indivisible groups & related organizations 
positions on key issues
candidates being supported
Our meetings or events.  Other events of interest.
"Team effort" volunteer work/sign-ups, Summaries of IP meeting minutes,
Meeting dates/reminders; volunteer activities; voting events (petitions, GOTV, phone banking), GOTV activities.
Event dates/times
Political campaign info
 Meeting dates and times.  Volunteer opportunities.  Opportunities for political action.
Dates of elections
Preferred candidates
Upcoming events or actions with a date or due date
What action can be taken on a given issue; including how, what, where, when and how to contact the organizrer.
issues I need to know about, opportunities to get involved
Events, calls to action, volunteer opportunities, good articles
upcoming events, opportunities to volunteer

Question #3 Responses

Maybe other political information/articles of interest.  I know IP's focus is meant to be very local, which has been great for the MPDC cause, which is just fabulous, but I am sort of a political junky (I'm to one who pushed to organize canvases and phone banking for other Congressional campaigns in neighboring districts) so I always think people will want to know about other candidates and national campaigns. 
Key current local political/neighborhood/environmental/meetings that need attendance.
Priorities and positions of the national and Westchester Indivisibles.
Candidates bios
Details of each ballot before I walk into the polling station - everyone we are endorsing and why.
Events, calls to action, volunteer opportunities, good articles
More information about issues and candidates
How to volunteer for campaigns and projects
Who’s going
How to get involved