Monday, September 4, 2017

Upcoming Meeting and Other Notices

Hi everyone, here are three important notices:

1. Our next Indivisible Pleasantville meeting will be Sunday, September 10 at 3:00pm at our usual location. Hope to see you there!

2. Please see the attached flyer from the Mt Pleasant Democrats regarding canvassing for County Legislator and County Executive. Please note that while the Mt. Pleasant Democrats are supporting George Latimer in the primary race, Indivisible Pleasantville is not endorsing any candidate. Daren Tolz has no primary opponent.

3. Please consider reaching out to Margaret Cunzio, our current county legislator, and encourage her to vote yes to override Astorino's veto of the Westchester Immigrant Protection Act. Her email address is and a sample email is below. (Be sure to add your name and town at the end!)

=== Begin Sample Email ===

Ms. Cunzio,

In light of the County Executive vetoing the WIPA and the need for an additional vote by the County Legislature, there is ample legal evidence that says the County Executive is not correct in his analysis of this legislation, and I strongly encourage you to VOTE YES on this proposal when a post-veto vote takes place.  I refer you to a statement (copied below – scroll down to AG Schneiderman Statement) released by the Attorney General of NYS.  Please note that the wording of the Westchester Immigrant Protection Act was reviewed by the highest legal authority in NYS
I also refer you to this link in which the Attorneys General of CA, OR, RI, WA and DC are in agreement with NYS.  Here is an excerpt of the total report which can be found on the following link:

“Today, New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman released a new joint report debunking the Trump Administration’s bogus legal and public safety claims against cities and towns that choose to limit their participation in the most aggressive forms of federal immigration enforcement. As the joint report details, such localities are lawfully permitted to decline most forms of participation. Further, as crime statistics and testimonials from law enforcement officials across the country illustrate, by adopting such policies, such jurisdictions can often enhance public safety in their communities.”

A.G. Schneiderman Statement on Passage of Westchester Immigrant Protection Act  New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman released the following statement following the Westchester County Board of Legislators’ passage of the Immigrant Protection Act, which was drafted using the Attorney General’s legal guidance:

“It’s clear that public safety depends on building and maintaining trust with the immigrant communities our officers bravely serve.
“The Trump administration’s draconian immigration policies undercut public safety, threatening to drive immigrant communities underground – and making them fearful to report crimes, serve as witnesses, and more. In fact, just the other month we issued a detailed report that brought together crime stats and testimonials from law enforcement, illustrating how ‘sanctuary’ policies can often enhance public safety.
“I’m proud that the Westchester legislature used my office’s legal guidance in drafting the Immigrant Protection Act – joining a number of other local governments around the state in doing so.
“We’ll continue to work with our local partners to ensure that both our immigrant communities and our public safety are protected from the dangerous policies coming out of Washington.”
New York City Press Office: (212) 416-8060
Albany Press Office: (518) 776-2427
Thank you for your consideration regarding this important matter.