Tuesday, September 19, 2017

SERVICE PROJECT: Hurricane Harvey Relief

This month's service project will be a little different than usual: this time, we're reaching outside of our local community to help vulnerable victims of Hurricane Harvey. I realize many of us have already made donations to non-profit organizations in Texas, but many people have expressed an interest in doing more. 
To that end, we have set up a drive to collect the items that are most-needed—and least-donated—on the ground in TX: adult diapers, hygiene items (such as bed pads/Chux, toothbrushes, wipes, baby shampoo), and large-sized children's diapers and pull-ups. Just check out the Amazon wishlist I've set up; orders placed through this list will be shipped directly to the Texas Diaper Bank (select "Texas Diaper Bank's Gift Registry Address" as your shipping address) for distribution to children and seniors in need:
Thanks in advance for your time and generosity. We've got a great local service project coming in October, so stay tuned.