Thursday, June 15, 2017

HEALTH: "Die-In" Protest for NY Health Act

Indivisible Pleasantville, along with a number of other political organizations, is organizing a protest following a meeting to request Sen. Terrence Murphy publicly state whether or not he supports the Affordable Care Act and whether or not he supports the NY Health Act in the event the ACA is repealed.


  • Date/Time – Friday June 16, 4pm
  • Location – Public Sidewalk on Rt 118 near Murphy’s Restaurant, 355 Kear Street, Yorktown, NY 10598
  • Parking – In Mall Parking Lot near Kmart, then walk to Rt. 188


New York Health Act is just and fair
Senator Murphy show you care


  1. Crowd – everyone take video and/or pictures
  2. Announcer (Marianna Stout) – opens event, signals Dead People to lie down, and calls on storytellers
  3. Dead People – at signal, lie down and hold up tombstones
  4. Storytellers – in turn, read their own stories
  5. Announcer – signals Dead People stand up
  6. Chanting by everyone