Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A Message from Candidate Daren Tolz

Dear Members of Indivisible Pleasantville,

I am running for Westchester County Legislator, District 3, against Margaret Cunzio.

I currently teach high school math in Harlem. My past experience includes running a small business, project management at IBM, and finance. So, I am not a politician by trade. But - like many of us, I was inspired by the 2016 election outcome to get more involved in my community and stand up for liberal values, which is why I have announced my candidacy for this seat. As many of you know, this race is extremely important because although the Democrats have a majority, we have two legislators that regularly vote with the Republicans. This means that every legislator that we can turn over to a true Democrat, makes an important difference.

Margaret Cunzio votes virtually 100% with Mr. Astorino. She is effectively a rubber stamp for his agenda. She was supportive of the ice skating rink, the gun show and she is in favor of airport privatization. (although she won’t announce publicly)

We have an excellent chance of winning this seat, based on the closeness of the last election and the current wave of grass roots activism.

Because Democrats don't typically vote in non-presidential elections, we only need about ONE-THIRD of the 2016 Hilary voters in order to win. (last time we lost by 800 votes)

I am supporting George Latimer for the top of the ticket, who I believe to be an excellent candidate. With about 80% of Democratic voters voting straight across the Democratic ticket his candidacy will give us some momentum. So yes, we need clear messaging, name recognition, and few other things, but really this entire effort comes down to a "get out the vote" campaign that will benefit every Democratic candidate.

I need help in order to make my candidacy successful. This will be an extremely grassroots effort and its success will rely on manpower and the enthusiasm of individuals. To that end please let me know if you are able to lend your time (even a little of it!) to help out the campaign. We need:

  • office support
  • campaign management team members
  • door knockers
  • communications team members
  • lots of other help - if you reach out we’ll find a place for you!

If you are interested please send me an email:

Thanks for all that you do,

Daren Tolz
Candidate for Westchester County Legislator, District 3