Friday, May 12, 2017

Astorino Town Hall Recap

Wednesday night at the Mt. Pleasant Town Hall, County Executive Rob Astorino updated us on the county activities. The room was about 60% Astorino supporters and 40% opposers.

Here are a few updates:

Astorino touted an important opioid abuse program, the Safer Communities campaign. Opioid abuse is a significant problem and should be addressed. We are glad he is working to address this issue.

However, Astorino claims the campaign was "started because of Newtown." Astorino has no place mentioning Sandy Hook as a connection because Astorino actively overrided county legislators to allow the gun show at the Westchester County Convention Center. It is not appropriate for him to claim this drug abuse campaign is in response to a national gun violence tragedy. Further, when questioned why he vetoed county legislation to prevent the gun show, his response was "because I can."

A parent can use the excuse "because I can," but a legislator should have reasonable explanations for his decision-making process.

Secondly, a Mt. Pleasant resident asked questions about the impact of the immigration actions on kids who are affected and confused when friends don't show up for school. Astorino spent several minutes discussing how much a speaks Spanish and loves the culture but transitioned to discussing how "immigrants who commit crimes should be arrested."

However, when Indivisible Pleasantville (and other Indivisible chapters) called back, "What about the children? She's talking about the children!" Astorino responded: "Let's leave the kids out of this."

Other topics included: privatization of the airport, Indian Point and other new projects.

Let's show Astorino that he's accountable to us. Please share these memes based on the Town Hall far and wide!